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To say that a beard is the part and parcel of a man’s life is an understatement. It is a man’s perception of a beard that makes him maintain it or remove it. Over the years, that very perception has seen so many versions that one might think someone ought to come up with a new term apart from ‘beard’.

The definition of beard fashion has changed. Right from the moustache to full grown facial hair, there are a hundred different ways a hair stylist can trim your beard to make it look unique and comforting as per your convenience. The formal countenance is enhanced with the proper beard.

Recently, Hugh Jackman displayed his bushy beard before he went bald. It became a trend, which is still evolving worldwide with minor modifications; the shaven head definitely a thumbs up in that evolution line. Indian veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan’s French cut still makes an imposing impression with his tall demeanour.

It is open knowledge that Goatee is the French’s brother with a shaved head. Johnny Depp and Robert Downy Jr. have experimented their fair share in these two kinds of beards styles.

People who prefer to keep full grown facial hair with the decent moustache need to keep two things in mind. The length of the hair on your head in comparison to the length of your beard matters and so does the moustache. So try different combinations and see which combination works best for you.

You can feel free to dye your beard if you aren’t quite ready to accept any gray hairs that might sprout up. Make sure that color of the dye matches with the color the hair on your head. In a recent survey, physiologists confirmed women rated men with shaved beards higher than men with beards. Where were they getting these women from?!

It also says that men look more aggressive and older when they have a beard than when they are completely shaved. And among the male counterparts, beard commands a sense of respect and goodwill. What woman wouldn’t want these characteristics in their male partner? These statistics aren’t making much sense.

The universal viewpoint on beards may differ but it really doesn’t matter what other people think. It’s a person choice where or not a man decides to wear a beard. Just keep in mind that your partner kissing those lips so they will have to rub against your beard at times. Keep your beard soft and touchable with beard brothers beard oil. The power of having a comfortable beard is such that it helps your partner want to feel your facial hair but if you are out looking for someone to meet, the beard is always a good conversation starter.

After all, beard isn’t the only tuft of hair on your body now.


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