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Need a new look but aren’t sure what to try? Why not go with a tied beard look?

Bo Style BeardBo Style Beard

Most of these are more for longer styled beards, but if you have a shorter one, more to cover up your neck fat, why not try the Bo Rai Cho style. (If you’re trying to place him, he’s from Mortal Kombat – the best fighting game ever).

Steal a few of your missus’ hair ties (for a less manly look try scrunchies, for more manly use a python or other decorative snake) and separate your beard into two even sections.

The added bonus with this style is that while eating, drinking or clearing space in your stomach for more of the previous two, you are less likely to messy on your beard.

Dumbledore BeardDumbledore Beard

Sure, this does mean less likelihood of you having snacks for later. But also less likelihood of having birds come and make a nest out of your beard while you are lounging in the hammock outback, having your afternoon nap while the kids mow the lawn.

It is also a good way to store excess rubber bands.

If you want to try a longer growth, the Dumbledore is an option.

Notice the snazzy dress up job he’s done using some simple tassels.

If you don’t have any tassels lying around the house, why not cruise down to the local strip joint for a few hours to pick some up.

For Zen seekers, why not restore your chi and replicate the Dumbledore tie with your hair in the back too. It is always good to be balanced. And then you have a use for both the tassels you picked up while out.

If Harry Potter characters aren’t your thing, maybe Dungeons & Dragons dwarves are more your style?

Baldur’s Gate isn’t just a superior RPG (Role Playing Game), it’s also home to some sweet tied up beards.

Yeslick BeardYeslick Beard

The Yeslick may be the style you’re looking for. It combines beard and moustache tying, with a sense of Viking, and a dash of old biker who just got an ear pierced and hopes it is the right side to be considered cool during his midlife crisis.

The symmetry between the moe and beard, makes this especially beautiful to behold.

But it is important with this style to ensure you maintain the lustre of the hair. If your hair is lacking sheen, why not try mixing raw egg and milk together for help your coat. It works for dogs.

Shavo BeardShavo Beard

If Dumbledore and Yeslick are too bushy, you can always go for a sleeker look like Shavo here from the band System of a Down.

Again, a good way to store excess bands and ties.

This look is perfect for those who want a long beard but also want a scruffy tuft and can’t decide between the two.

The added highlight of the bald head really pulls the focus of the face to the beard, which is a lovely minimalist approach instead of the full head of hair and moustache that will often cramp a beard’s style.

Durin VI BeardDurin VI Beard

If none of these seem challenging enough, then maybe you’re ready for the Durin VI from Lord of the Rings.

This beard is so fantastic it has to be belted!

Part plait, part forest, part pony and all man. This is the ultimate in plaited/pony tail beard fantasies.

Accessorising your beard never looked better.

Go gold for a distinguished look, leather to show off your adventurous side, or simply grow your beard out even more and belt your beard with your beard!


Whatever you choose, don’t forget to share it with us on Twitter using #beardspiration.


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