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It isn’t uncommon to feel like one needs a change but not know of what, or where to start.

Hair is the usual answer for both men and women, but for guys often it’s the growing of a moustache or beard that one will usually opt. But not every man wants to follow the latest trends. And it can be hard to come up with something more individual. So why not turn to some of your cartoon faves for inspiration.

Genie BeardGenie Beard

For those guys who struggle to get the clustering of hairs proportionally balanced, the Genie look (from Aladdin), is a good option. And if you can borrow a girlfriend’s curler or curling iron to finish off the look, you’ll be the envy of metrosexuals everywhere.

A lot of men these days seem to go for a separate moustache and beard combo, but they are doing it wrong. Look at smug ol’ Papa Smurf here.

Papa White BeardPapa White Beard

This is how you rock a complete mo-beard combo pack. Sure, the white makes him look like he could give you pi to the 100th decimal, but this looks equally impressive in red, brown, blonde or black.

image006.jpgimage006.jpg image008.jpgimage008.jpg image010.jpgimage010.jpg image012.jpgimage012.jpgBeardoBeardo

The Beardo from Mission Hill is a lesser known option, but that makes it all the more alternativo and cool. Sure the beret should be optional, and hopefully you won’t need a mobility scooter when you do this, but you have to admit, that’s a mighty fine beard there.

The fact this character’s first name is Weirdo, should also be mentioned as a major selling point for this whisker wonderland.

Snarf BeardSnarf Beard

Feeling a bit more adventurous? Why not go with Snarf from Thundercats.

This requires not only a thick, bushy, beautiful beard (and a lot of wax and spray), but also moustache magnificence. A floppy head of head wouldn’t hurt either.

And if you’re into cosplay, all the better!

Gargoyle BeardGargoyle Beard

But if it is just pure beard you want to go with. Why not try a Hudson (from Gargoyles) style of groomed growth.

There’s no moe to distract, just pure chin objectification.

If you need a bit of help with your follicle upkeep, why not check out our selection of oils on the product page.

wizard white beardwizard white beard

Wizard Whitebeard (from Where’s Wally), as the name suggests, rocks a wise snowy avalanche. Like most wizards, his magic is clearly stowed deep in the depths of his beard. Yes, this is an aspirational look. Not something one can pull off overnight. But if you’re truly serious about growing your beard, and you have a few decades, this is the look for you.

If you have to carry your beard and pass it over your shoulder, you sir are a god!


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